Friday, May 20, 2016

An Alternate View of Gnomes

Whilst I'm on a nostalgia kick, here's my take on gnomes, which I wrote up before Heroes Young and Old was released. As before, I can't vouch for "balance" and constructive feedback is welcome...

Artwork © 2016 Wayward Rogue Stockart
Gnomish Vision - Like elves and dwarves, gnomes can see in any level of light except pitch darkness.

Small Stature - Because they are small, gnomes cannot have a STR score higher than 10.

True Name - Like dwarves, every gnome has a true name which he or she keeps secret. A character using this true name against a gnome receives a +5 bonus to all actions taken against the gnome and a +5 bonus to any save against the gnome's magic.

Inherent Magic - Being members of the faerie court, gnomes are naturally skilled with magic. Gnomes who choose to be a mage gain a bonus spell at each level. However, their magic is limited to phantasms and harmless illusions.

Inherent Luck - Gnomes who choose to be rogues or warriors gain one extra Fortune Point.

Gnomes who multiclass as a warrior-mage or rogue-mage must choose either Inherent Magic or Inherent Luck; they do not receive both. Gnomes who multiclass as warrior-rogues still only receive one extra Fortune Point, not two.

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