Tuesday, December 27, 2016

This Just In: Rogue One Is AWESOME!

So, I'm sitting here basking in the afterglow of seeing Rogue One. My wife, who went with a friend to see it earlier in the week, had told me that there was a surprise at the end, but didn't tell me what it was (and no, I didn't ask, either). Prior to seeing this movie, I diligently avoided the clickbait spoiler rumors and all the other Gawker squawk. The only things I "spoiled" for myself were some minor easter eggs.

At any rate, here's what I have to say about it - no spoilers, no whining, no "critique" as a lot of my fellow fans have already done. Rogue One is awesome. It's different from the other Star Wars movies - not just including its more responsible use of CGI technology - and that's what makes it good. The ending was indeed a surprise - but then again, the entire story was a surprise to me in how it played out.

If you're a dedicated Star Wars fan who hasn't seen this movie yet, I ask that you keep an open mind as you watch it. Keep in mind that everything that happens in this movie is necessary for the story of the original trilogy (as well as the survival of the Rebellion).

To those who have "problems" with Rogue One, who continue to claim that George Lucas, and now Disney, is "raping" their childhood, all I have to say is this: Bite me. It was never your sandbox - or mine - to begin with.

In celebration of this movie, as well as Carrie Fisher's progress/, here's a Rogue One-inspired D6 Star Wars character template, the Guardian of the Whills and the blank character template as well. Enjoy!

These were designed with a number of motifs in mind - namely some of the decor of the d20 sheets as well as the nostalgia of the old Star Wars action figure cards. Yes, a form-fillable version will be forthcoming.

SAD UPDATE: This morning (12/27/16) I read with a heavy heart the news that Carrie Fisher passed away. My heart goes out to my fellow fans as well as the rest of the Star Wars cast for the loss of everybody's princess.


  1. I enjoyed this movie too. Finally a great explanation for something, and it furthers the story in a positive way!

  2. So if anyone has a difference of opinion there is no discussion you just jump right to insults. How mature of you.