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Heroes In Both Worlds

Tickets available - $10.00 for one day, $15.00 for both days! Come be a hero here and in Golarion!

Ever since I first saw Keith Baker's Extra Life 2014 event on Twitch, I've wanted to put my hobby
to better use in the same way. I grew up on stories of great heroes - Logan, Skywalker, Baggins, Arthur, just to name a few; while I'm not readily able to stand in the gap as a real life hero, this is something I know I can do. I'm going to be running a Pathfinder Beginner Box mini-campaign the weekend of November 18-19 for Extra Life.

For those of you who don't know, Extra Life raises funds for children's hospitals throughout the United States. In this case, I, and a number of other gamers (both video and tabletop), will be running games and tournaments to raise funds for Omaha's own Children's Hospital and Medical Center. These funds are used to provide the hospital with the vital supplies it needs to save and improve the lives of the children who seek care.

As an organization, Extra Life has set November 4 as its game day; while our event is scheduled for November 18 and 19, don't let that keep you from participating in any other events before or after those dates. Tickets for either day can be purchased here. It's $10.00 for one day, $15.00 for both!

So come join us on November 18 and 19 at Bellevue University and be a hero in more than one world! If you can't make it but want to donate, you can make a donation through my Extra Life page here! EDIT: I now have the donor rewards posted to my page!

About The Game
Based in Sandpoint, the game will use the overall rules of the boxed set with a few additions from the Berkeley Pathfinders Guild. If you don't own the Beginner Box or core rules, you can find the Beginner Box reference document here. Each morning the event will start up with a short character generation session for any newcomers, allowing them to quickly generate a character under the Beginner Box rules or otherwise pick a pre-generated character (links will be posted below in the near future). While the pregens were created under the Pathfinder Society rules, this is not a Pathfinder Society event.

The campaign is divided into two halves, each beginning at 10 am and ending at 8 pm. Both halves will have breaks interspersed throughout as needed for the players and GM. Players do not have to play from the very beginning and will be guided through an initial character generation/upgrade session at the start of the daily event and during breaks in between adventures.

House Rules
There are a few house rules for this game:
  • Rule Zero: To quote a friend's house rules:
Every feat, race, spell, prestige class, variant rule, etc. is subject to change or removal at the discretion of the DM. Even if a game element is initially permitted, if it is later deemed incompatible with the campaign, it will be modified or removed. Any characters (PC or NPC) that use that element may be required to adjust to the change (in other words, grandfathering is not guaranteed). The DM will attempt to keep this sort of thing to a minimum (if at all), but sometimes this may happen in the process of keeping the rules appropriate to the campaign setting. 
  • Character Generation: Core Rulebook/Beginner Box supplemented by Berkeley Pathfinders Guild rules. Blank character sheets can be downloaded here.
    • Hit Points: Characters start with max hit points, modified by CON. When a character levels up, they receive the average number of hit points for their Hit Die (d4 = 2; d6 = 3; d8 = 4; etc.), modified by CON. The nature of hit points is as described by Gary Gygax in the first edition AD&D Player's Handbook (p.34):
      "Each character has a varying number of hit points, just as monsters do. These hit points represent how much damage (actual or potential) the character can withstand before being killed. A certain amount of these hit points represent the actual physical punishment which can be sustained. The remainder, a significant portion of hit points at higher levels, stands for skill, luck, and/or magical factors. A typical man-at-arms can take about 5 hit points of damage before being killed. Let us suppose a 10th level fighter has 55 hit points, plus a bonus of 30 hit points for his constitution, for a total of 85 hit points. This is the equivalent of about 18 hit dice for creatures, about what it would take to kill four huge warhorses. It is ridiculous to assume that even a fantastic fighter can take that much punishment. The same holds true to a lesser extent for clerics, thieves, and the other classes. Thus, the majority of hit points are symbolic of combat skill, luck (bestowed by supernatural powers), and magical forces."
      Under this interpretation, I'm ruling that a character's total physical hit points are equal to their CON score. A fighter with a CON of 10 and 10 hit points at first level (d10 HD) would start out with his physical hit points already maxed out. A wizard with a CON of 10 and 6 hit points at first level (d6 HD) would still be growing into his physical hit points and would not reach (and exceed) his physical hit points until third level (6 + 3 + 3 for a total of 12, indicating 10 physical hit points and 2 hit points representing luck, skill, divine favor, etc).
    • Alignment: Any non-evil alignment is permitted. Characters must be within one step of their patron deity's alignment. Only non-evil deities from the core rulebook may be chosen for a character's patron deity.
    • Skills: We will use the full skill list from the core rulebook for this game
    • Combat Maneuver Bonus & Difficulty: These are not used in the Beginner Box rules.
    • Pregenerated Characters: Pregens are available. These are characters designed to Pathfinder Society specs and may be modified to fit the Beginner Box rules as necessary. Pregenerated character sheets will be available at the game table and may also be downloaded here. When necessary, exceptions will be made for pregens with regard to core rules vs. beginner box rules and interpretations will be made as needed during the course of the game. Available pregens include: 
EDIT: Normally I'd have everything copied down on the character sheet for players, but in this case I'm running out of time between work, real life and event prep. Each link for a pregen goes to a "kit" including the character stats, a character sheet, and the necessary expansions. Players will note that I've gone from using the Beginner Box character sheets to using the character sheets designed by Happy Camper. This is not only to expand upon the skills, but also for cosmetic reasons.
    • Replacement Characters: Replacement characters for current players may be drawn from the pregens. They come in with 100% of the XP the old character had if that character was level 1-3; if level 4 or higher, the replacement comes in with 90% of their predecessor's XP.

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